Due to incessant rain in Manipur from 27th July, 2015 to 4th August, 2015 most of the villages in Thoubal District, Imphal West District and Bishenpur District in Manipur were flooded. It was the worst flood ever experienced in Manipur over the last century. The flood problem of Thoubal District was mostly due to burst of river bank by the water and high water level. In Nambol District the villages at the periphery of Loktak Lakes were submerged due to rise of water level in Loktak Lake. A whole village in Chandel District was taken away by land slide killing 19 people mostly women and children. In hill Districts mostly in Chandel District, due to land slide a number of villages were totally cut-off from rest of the world. It was not possible to reach those affected villages even on foot.


The staffs of YVU Financial volunteered themselves in providing flood relief materials in the 5 affected districts of Manipur namely: Thoubal, Imphal West, Bishenpur, Chandel and Churachandpur. Items distributed to each affected family were rice (10kg), potato (2kg), dal (2kg), candle (1pkt), Mosquito repellent coil (1pkt.), Drinking water (100 ltrs) and mustard oil (500ml).

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YVU Financial is the first company based in Manipur to receive NBFC-MFI certificate from Reserve Bank of India. It has operations in Manipur, Assam and Tripura.

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